Hydraulic Punching Machine

The function of a hydraulic punch is to make holes through aluminium and copper plate. It is a machine designed in such a way that it mares hole quickly and easily. They are designed for applications typically done with hand held mag drills. They are portable and they can provide extra versatility with a unique throat design and the ability to adapt to several punch and die styles. Punching holes instead of hand drilling saves time, faster cycle times, easy to handle and accuracy gives you a clean slug that is easy to handle and the punches last longer. It is essential to understand the size and shape of the hole, the thickness of the material. The type of the material, the distance from the edge to the hole. All these factors will determine the minimum to required by using the following formula. Their cumferance or perimeter of hole multiply by material thickness, multiplied by type of material will allow you to reference the shear strength of material in pounds per square inch will equal to tonnage needed. To calculate the circumference, round holes multiply the diemeter by 3.1416 square holes measure the length of all four sides. Oblong holes multiply the larges measure of the oblong by 3.1416. Portable hydraulic punching machines combine ease and speed of operation to give rapid hole production. It can be adapted by any kind of tooling even one made by the customer, its ....and easy use makes it an essential item for a metal working work shop. The hydraulic punching machine is characterized by its versatality. It can make several working funtions like punching in metal sheet, flat bar, pipe, angel u profile, t profile, upn, ipn bending, cutting, in laying punching, pipe notching tube, embossing.