Beam press machine manufacturer in kolkata

We are a reputed beam press machine manufacturer in kolkata. We have avery good hand and experience at manufacturing such cutting machines that would help the other industries further. We have machines that are of international standards and so we have achieved success in this field. We believe in quality and want to give our best to satisfy the client base.
Know about travelling head beam clicking machine
When you are in the industry of shoes making or clothes making then you will need help of travelling head beam clicking machine. It’s major use if to cut shapes from leather and clothes. It also helps in foam cutting and leather board cutting. It is very important to note that the machine can be adjusted manually with position that is of bottom cutting.  While cutting, you will have to take into consideration the height of the cutting die. Equipped with the cylinder with double effect, this machine can run on normal pressure as well as high pressure. There is a left/right switch and with this the machine can run from left to right or from right to left.
The features of travelling head beam clicking machine
This traveling head cutting machine in Kolkata has certain relevant features that need to be discussed. This machine has maximum cutting power of 25 ton. It has a cutting table with the dimensions 1360x460mm. So around 95 % is the useful area! The dimensions of the pressure plate if 450x450mm. The Ram diameter is 216mm. The machine has a motor power of 2,25/440 Kw/V. The dimensions of the machine include width of 1780mm, depth of 460mm, height of 1920mm.  This machine weighs 1800kg.  It uses hydraulic oil around 50kg.
We have earned good name and also good reputation in the field of clothes cutting and leather cutting. Our machines are easy to operate and low in maintenance. We also have a staff that would train your men at work in order to make correct use of these machines.
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If you belong to garments manufacturing or foot wear manufacturing industry then in order to win the market share you will have to produce the best quality products so that there is more demand in the market. For that you should invest in the best machines for manufacturing and cutting the raw material. With our manual traveling head die cutting press in Kolkata you can surely get the best options. So, just get in touch with us and let us know about your requirements. We shall give you the best product so that you can create a great end product.  We have created a global impression for our machines and because of that we have become pioneers in what we do.
You can send us the list of your requirements and we shall send you the price quotation for the same. You can then decide what is apt for you. If you are setting up a new garments or foot wear factory then you will be in need of good machines that would create fine products.  So, just figure out the need for best machines that would make your factory a great place to work. We have good customer support if anything goes wrong with the machine. We also provide training in regards to how to use them.
You can go through the features of our products and that will give you exact idea about how you need to get along with the products that are novel. Modern and fine machinery that we have can change the way you manufacture your products and that too for better.